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I am an experienced and respected e-commerce seller and jewelry and textile artist. I started selling on eBay in 1998 and on Amazon in 2002, and have grown Purveyor of All Things Creative from a $100 investment to a leader in the arts and crafts field. I’m known for my organizational skills, business smarts and enthusiasm.

My practical, down-to-earth style is a favorite of podcast listeners. I have appeared on numerous radio shows and podcasts, including Wholesale Sourcing Experts, Thrifting for Profit, eBay Radio, That Kat, ScanPower, and Ask Janelle. As the first Community Leader selected by Evernote, I take every opportunity I can to spread the word about what I call “my brain on steroids.”

I have been fortunate enough to extensively travel the world, and my time exploring the cultures, architecture and artwork in over 100 countries has given me an international perspective to art and design. My jewelry and textile designs borrow inspiration from different cultures and continents and combine them in original and eclectic ways.

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